Our Story

The story behind SHYFT Creations began when I was a teenager, the time I stumbled across Hip Hop through Microsoft Encarta. If you’re too young to know what that is, it’s a digital encyclopaedia where I discovered one of the “fathers of Hip Hop”, Grandmaster Flash. I was already writing poems since Primary School, so I instantly fell in love with Hip Hop, seeing it as poetry with rhythm—or “flow-etry”!

But the problem was, I didn’t like a lot of rappers because of their negative messages, often demeaning women that irked me the most.

Then I discovered the Muslim Hip Hop movement. I loved the fusion of uplifting “conscious content” with modern-day popular culture that I’ve grown up in. This was portrayed both in the music and in the Muslim streetwear worn by many of these artists.

So SHYFT Creations is the synthesis between the essence of the East with street culture from the West. We provide streetwear with meaning. Every design we create will have a message to inspire a “SHYFT” within.

We call ourselves SHYFT because the only time there can be a “shift” in your life, mindset and circumstances is by fuelling your “Y” that drives your spirit.

Raihanaty A. Jalil Poet & Founder